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SecPointWifi Routers for wifi attack.
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 Wireless Auditing via WEP, WPA, and WPA2 Cracking,  Key Features amd  Comprehensive and Unlimited Vulnerability Auditing


Are you sure that your wifi is only being used by you. It might be possible that your wifi network is no longer secured. To get rid of such problems, wifi keys sniffers should be used which will make your wifi networks secure. It will make sure that the hackers can be no longer being able to penetrate through your networks. It will take all the burden of security of your wifi connections.

It is essential to know that how your networks are being hacked because your lack of information can lead to much harm. The attackers often break wifi through WPA and WPA2. The information about these techniques can save your wifi connections. The portable penetrator can perform WEP, WPA, WPA2 testing which will ensure that your wifi network is secure. This software is easily installed and has a user friendly interface. It works on Windows 7, Mac OS X and Linux. It comes along with powerful wifi antenna. It is considered to do best wifi password recovery.

The portable penetrator can also perform vulnerable scanning. It has wide-ranging vulnerability database and accomplishes task of wifi auditing which prevents the hackers to break through the wifi. Unlimited auditing can be done. You can check all the IP addresses of the networks from vulnerability. This penetrator is considered the best and is easily transportable. It provides an excellent vulnerability assessment solution. Wireless security assessment tools after effectuating the task shows you how the cracking was done and also shows you your password.


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